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PFU Limited was founded in 1960, and our joint-venture roots weave back to 1973 when we joined PANAFACOM, a consortium of companies including Fujitsu and Panasonic that developed the first minicomputers. Years later, in 1987, USAC Denshi and PANAFACOM merged to establish PFU Limited (PANAFACOM, USAC). In 1983, PFU Limited launched its first document scanner.

PFU has been committed to manufacturing and supporting digital transformation-focused products for our customers and partners for decades. From introducing the first flatbed scanner to building the best-selling fi-7160, our innovative spirit and solution-forward technologies have helped us achieve and maintain our top spot as a leader in document scanners.

In 2022, we joined the Ricoh Group of companies and changed our name from Fujitsu Document Scanners to Ricoh Document Scanners. Besides the change in branding, our customers and partners can expect the same level of excellence, quality, and reliability. The R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and services that our customers and partners know and trust will stay exactly the same.

We are dedicated to bringing best-in-class consumer and enterprise document scanners to organizations everywhere, helping them move forward in a more connected, sustainable world.

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