Free Recycling Program
Ricoh Document Scanners is Committed to Customers and the Environment

What can I process or send through this service?

This service is designed to recycle products sold by PAI.

What can't I send through this service?

This service cannot be used to recycle very high production scanners, fax machines, consumables or other electronic devices not listed on PAI's list of recyclable products.

How much does it cost to return equipment through this automated service?

There is no additional cost for the shipping of the products on the list back to the recycling center. PAI is responsible for shipping costs from the customer to the recycling facility, however, the customer is responsible for any potential costs associated with packing, packaging, or preparing the unit for shipment.

What happens to the equipment after I send it in?

Once the unit is received in our recycling center, it will be audited and recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner. Equipment received will be destroyed and will not be refurbished or resold for parts.

Can I select the charitable organization to which my equipment is donated?

If you choose to donate your equipment, you will be responsible for donating to the corresponding charity directly. Donating your equipment is outside the scope of this program. PAI and AnythingIT are not required to be involved and recycling would not be necessary.

Do I have to take my equipment somewhere when using this service?

Once a shipping label is provided, you may have to bring the equipment to a local FedEx drop off location or you may provide the equipment to FedEx during any regularly scheduled deliveries/pick up.

How do I pack my equipment for shipment to the recycling center?

Since the unit will be destroyed and recycled, any physical damage will not be a concern. However, we recommend the unit is placed in a suitably-sized corrugated box designed for the weight of the device with adequate packing material to prevent the equipment from excessive movement during transportation. If you are replacing your equipment with a like-sized equipment, it is recommended to reuse the carton box and/or packing from your new device.

Is there a limit to the number of boxes I can send back?

There is a limit of one carton box per FedEx shipping label. If you are recycling more than one scanner, then you will have to put in an additional claim and return label request.

Is there a size or weight limit per box when using the automated service?

Anything IT will accept any size packing that is delivered via FedEx. If your device is very large or exceeds 80Lbs then freight service will be required. In the event freight service is required, please visit the Contact page and contact PAI directly to arrange for freight service.

What if the carrier loses or damages my package?

In the event of damaged packages, there will not be any issues. AnythingIT will destroy and recycle the equipment regardless of condition. In the event of carrier loss, this will be at the responsibility of FedEx to recover or destroy at their expense.

When using this service, what if I have a large shipment?

If your device requires freight service or the number of units to be recycled exceeds 5 units, please visit the Contact page and contact PAI directly to arrange for freight service.

What if I accidentally ship the wrong equipment?

In the event you accidentally ship the wrong equipment, please contact PAI immediately. PAI will do its best to try and track down and recover the equipment before it has been recycled. PAI and AnythingIT shall not make any guarantees on recovery of the product. It is highly recommended that you verify the equipment prior to packaging and shipping.

What happens to the data on my disk driver or flash memory in the products I'm recycling?

The products sold by PAI do not typically have a hard disk or flash memory which retains any document data. However, AnythingIT will physically destroy and recycle all components and any potential data will be eliminated as part of the process. PAI Products and AnythingIT shall not be responsible for any loss or destruction of data on any equipment received.

What if I have other questions about Ricoh Document Scanners hardware recycling I'm recycling?

Please feel free to email PAI directly with any questions or concerns you may have. The Contact page includes our email address.

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