Free Recycling Program
Ricoh Document Scanners is Committed to Its Customers and the Environment

Ricoh Document Scanners (formerly Fujitsu Document Imaging), has been leading innovations in global technology for over half a century. Our technologies transform the way people live and work — and continue to solve social challenges around the world.

For decades, Ricoh Document Scanners has been the global leader in imaging solutions. Today, we help corporations, governments and small to medium-sized business fast-track their digital transformation, turning documents and other paper-based information into actionable digital assets that are accessible anywhere, anytime.

Ricoh Document Scanners has collaborated with AnythingIT to offer customers a program that allows customers to recycle their Ricoh document scanner. In conjunction with FedEx, customers have access to print their own shipping label to return their Ricoh scanners at no additional cost to Anything IT for environmentally-compliant recycling.

Print Your Pre-Paid Label
Please follow these 4 easy steps to recycle your equipment:
Fill out the information in the form above for a FedEx Pre-Printed Label.
Find the closest FedEx Office or visit
Bring your pre-packaged device(s) ONLY with the label to the FedEx drop off.
Affix the label to box with tape and give it to a FedEx agent for shipping.
Please note: Ricoh Document Scanners and AnythingIT shall not be responsible for any loss or destruction of data on any equipment received.

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